Why Lune

Why Lune?

Since the acquisition and relocation in 2003 from England to Hoogeveen in the Netherlands, Lune has increasingly specialised in Deze link leidt naar een andere pagina op deze websitewaste systems. In recent years, we have built a broad customer base, including the (semi) Government, the health sector and the corporate sector.

Through our partnership with waste collectors and companies in the cleaning industry, we now have extensive experience in dealing with waste in the workplace. We now know that a successful migration to separating waste at the source is not only a matter of purchasing a central waste collection tool.

Before a company decides to purchase a waste separation system we like to meet with the company concerned to identify the waste collection needs, to map the current waste collection situation and to determine the right goal. We will also make a cost/benefit analysis before the most suitable collection tool is determined.

The success of waste separation at the source is partly determined by the people in the company. We can hereby act as a partner by helping to communicate through a campaign and/or presentation. After placing the waste system, we will keep an eye on things to see if everything goes according to plan. Where necessary, we can supply “tools” to improve the waste separation process.

A large part of our waste separation system is a flexible format so that it can be easily switched if the desire to change the waste streams arises. The durability of our systems is increased because the parts can be replaced separately.

Lune offers you, besides a wide range of waste bins, Deze link leidt naar een andere pagina op deze websitewaste separation systems and Deze link leidt naar een andere pagina op deze websiteoutside waste bins, a partner in the change process of waste collection to waste separation at the source. We are more than a waste bins supplier, we are Lune! 

That’s why Lune!

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