Circular Economy

Circulair Economy according to Lune

Waste bins for waste separation have great influence on the material separation quality of the collected waste, directly targeting the area of material recycling.

LUNE is aware that logistic litter flows in companies and organizations are very specific and dynamic. For this reason, LUNE has made all its waste separation tools fully circular and adaptive. The range of LUNE can adapt to new waste stream requirements and drastically improve durability.

Moreover, LUNE collection tools have a timeless design and can be fully upgradable to create a new life cycle. 

The LUNE Circular product portfolio facilitates the waste separation systems with clear section texts and is fully adaptable to new litter flows. The possibility to do simple upgrades and reparations make the products of LUNE future-proof. In the circular refurbishment garage in the factory in Hoogeveen, used parts are re-used in new products.

As part of the circular production portfolio, LUNE now offers a service portfolio that consists, amongst other things, of upgrading, refurbishment & repair. New circular business models offer a pay-per-use lease model with withdrawal arrangements. With this, LUNE helps the facilities manager to make his buildings circular.

LUNE’s ambition is to take back 80% of the collection tools for refurbishment within 5 years.


The transition to circular Economy is different for every company. It calls for trial and error and the ability to actually realize new ideas. LUNE’s advice: just begin!

Lune Circulair assessment report

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